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Channel: Poetry

By: firdaus fathima My Hijab makes me feel empowered


By: ershad khan Aleppo’s Tears


By: nimah ismail nawwab The Standing-Poem on Arafah


By: ershad khan Aylan: Remember me!


By: ya mustafa The Night Journey


By: shafi a. khaled My Two Daughters are Gone


By: ershad khan Katrina


By: khalid mahmood I’m Too Busy


By: firdaus fathima Befriend Your Conscience!


By: abid parvez akhter Lament of the Masjid


By: shakeel syed My Tear Drops


By: ershad khan Farewell


By: firdaus fathima Oh Allaah, Help Me Reach Ramadan


By: firdaus fathima ..the Date with My LOVE


By: m. shahid alam The Mozlems Are Coming


By: firdaus fathima Take This My Son


By: m. shahid alam Shoe Jihad: A Satire


By: allama muhammad iqbal, m. shahid alam Ghazal by Muhammad Iqbal


By: mohammad omar farooq A Rebel’s Cry on Eid


By: abdullah yusuf ali Thus spake our Prophet


By: allama muhammad iqbal God’s Command to Angels


By: nigel keens-douglas I Asked Allah


By: jerry quickley A Poem


By: m. shahid alam I Will Fight Your Enemies


By: sonja de vries A Poem of Intifada