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Dear IslamiCity Friend,

There are several reports about how the Islamophobia industry is spending over $200 million to spread hate and lies over the last few years.

IslamiCity has been working for the last 22 years to spread the message of peace.

Here are just a few ways we are making a difference:

  1. 250 million visitors served since 1995
  2. Over 30,000 Free Quran requests fulfilled in the last 10 years
  3. Just the Understanding Islam and Muslims section alone has received over 7 Million visitors over the last 10 years
  4. Top Islamic website visited by non-muslims whenever news break about Islam or Muslims
  5. Recognized and referenced by major media outlets in the USA and around the world
  6. Oldest & Largest Islamic site serving the message of peace for the last 22 years

We need your urgent support now, more than ever. Help us convert the phobia to love and at the same time be a source of valuable Islamic information and services for millions of people every year.

Will you help today?

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With Sincerity and Gratitude,

-IslamiCity Team



Our donors make it possible for over millions of visitors to access IslamiCity every year!. Just one dollar a year from each visitor would easily sustain IslamiCity and expand our efforts! Yet only a small percentage contribute during our limited online fundraising campaigns.

Help IslamiCity in its mission to promote the understanding of Islam. Express your generosity and support! Your support will be multiplied seventy times by Allah .

  1. Counter misinformation and Islamophobia
  2. Educate a global population about Islam
  3. Promote a positive message of peace, justice and harmony
  4. Provide mental vaccination of knowledge to help people resist the disease of Islamophobia
  5. Fulfill your zakah or sadaqah to a worthy cause


A global resource relied upon by millions! Here is just a handful of the benefits you make possible with your generosity everyday:

  1. Offer Quran search and advanced study tools
  2. Distribute prayer times across the entire globe
  3. Deliver understanding Islam & Muslims articles
  4. Provide daily news and analysis on world affairs
  5. Promote hundreds of topics in faith, society, nature and values

We appreciate the donations received from our existing supporters, and we invite new donors to join this global community.

A community dawah resource

Every year we fulfill free Quran requests and answer hundreds of questions  to seekers of information about Islam.

Inspiring and informative tools

Since 1995, our staff has worked hard to provide a complete service to our users. Our Quran tools help increase knowledge and make the Quran more accessible.

Facilitating and recording shahadah

Since 2002, IslamiCity has assisted over 1,300 people as they embrace Islam.


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