Ambassadors of Islam

I am a hijabi Muslim woman, and I refuse to reduce my hijab to a scarf much like those before me. Hijab goes beyond my modest dress code and my head cover. Hijab is my lifestyle. Over the years, it has built my character and shaped my behavior. Hijab has brought me closer to my creator. My hijab is very much feminine. It is a tool given to every woman that no man is able to acquire through wit or strength. 

As a hijabi, I am a walking representation of Islam. This form of dawah does not require brochures or speeches. The statement I make as I walk streets from Texas to the Middle East is stronger than your most colorful brochure. I am everyday an ambassador of Islam, accepting the responsibility as much as I am the honor. The responsibility my hijab has given me is a fierce passion continuously driving me to seek knowledge about my faith and share it with others. It is the reason I am able to speak to you in your language, a language that is not my native tongue.

And no, I don't dress this way, act this way, and talk this way because I'm forced to. I am who I am today of my own free will and as a result of the decisions I've made throughout my life with the guidance of my Lord. I cover the beauty He has blessed me with, as He has blessed every woman, so that you may see beyond the physical. Hijab has taught me to respect myself, for that is where everyone else's respect is derived. 

I speak softly and lower my gaze, not from shame or weakness. Rather, it is from humility and understanding of the power my eyes and voice possess. I don't need to raise my voice in order to be heard. The words that softly leave my lips and the ones escaping my pen as I write this have much more weight than the volume of my vocal cords. My thoughts and opinions are proven to be much more piercing than the eye contact you deem necessary to sustain a conversation.

I am well aware of my defiance to your norm, but I can not follow society's norms, whether it is that of the West or the East, if it's not inline with Islam. Through hijab, Islam has become my culture, my way of life. It constitutes my values and beliefs, and I'm not one to downgrade.

I am certain that there are hijabi women everywhere who feel this. They are my sisters in Islam, my fellow ambassadors of this faith. You will not run into us at your clubs. You will not meet us at your bars. We do not pose for your indecent photos. We are not the subjects of your gossip magazines, nor are we your Hollywood icons. We don't sing and dance for your pleasure. We cover our bodies because that's the truest form of beauty. We lower our gazes because we understand the effect our eyes will have on you. We speak firm words softly because we know the content is enough emphasis. We are strong Muslim women, and we are pleasing to our Lord. And that alone is the reason we are.


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  1. osman abdella from ethiopia

    I get ecited when i read it and also i advise my sister in islam to wear it. Hijab not only protect the female from bad things but also it protect us not to fall on our passion .MAY ALLAH HELP ALL OF US.

  2. Binu from Germany

    Never read this kind of excellent article!!! Loved it, I even shared the message with others on Face book and i hope the Autor dont mind. Insha Allah, Masha Allah, plz more Articles like this.

  3. abdurahman from ethiopia

    i like it it is very good article for my sisters all over the word i will make dua to allah ayegialena mine lezine yestemeunel kewle feyetebone ahsenah gezakumallah

  4. mohamad mahmod ahmad from Egypt

    Hijab is important yes, but i think its very useless if a woman wears a hijab and her entire body is showing. unfortunately that is 90% of the Muslim women these days

  5. Ferouze from Ethiopia

    Excellent article! It expresses in precise & beautiful words how I feel deep in my heart. Mashallah!

  6. Sakinah from United States

    To me, it shouldn't matter if you wear hijab or

    not. A head covering does not symbolize how strong

    your belief of Islam is or make you closer to God.

    A head covering/hijab/kimaar/scarf or whatever or

    however, you may want to pronounce it, is just

    that a head covering, material. The Koran states,

    'for sisters and brothers to cover.' Does this

    mean to cover to the extent of unrecognizable? No

    it doesn't, but simply to be modest in dress and

    cover the appropriate parts of ones body parts

    that need to be covered in appropriateness. My

    belief and love for Allah is strong and I do not

    cover when out and about in public, but I know in

    my heart, in my mind, and from my mouth, Allah

    knows and loves me the same. So please don't judge

    me or try to prove that you are a better muslima

    than I, simply because you prefer to wear the

    hijab on your own, or you are mandated by your

    spouse to wear it, or you can dawn the hijab in

    any inclimate of weather. Simply put, Allah adores

    me for who I am, for his Graciousness is kind and

    wonderful; I am moral and ethical in manner and

    understand to dress in modest appropriateness, I

    am humble and soft spoken. I do not intend to be a

    show off and draw unwanted attention, especially

    when the environment is at odds of religious

    strife of Christianity versus Islam. I will lead

    by example with subtle kindness and try my dardest

    to extend to everyone an Olive Branch.

  7. fatimah ess from nigeria

    Beautiful article..May Allah(swt) bless the writer and the entire muslim ummah. Amiin.

  8. Bilal al-sudanni from usa

    As salamwalakum. Its good to read something positive. Its heart warming to know that there are sisters out there proud to be believers. May Allah s.w.t reward all the believers.amin.

  9. Abdulkarim Mohammed yahaya Doma from Nigeria

    It reminds about Allah always

  10. Noorani K from Canada

    Wow! Great job in writing this - we need more sisters to write more articles to the presses of the world and need the brothers to spead the word too. Please pass this article on to your friend and family!

  11. amu Yusuf from usa

    I am so happy to read somthing like this allah it make my hear soft and sweet. May Allah give the sister who write this "jannah" and I hope lots os sister will follow. Inshallah keep the good work sister and I love the sake of Allah

  12. asif from oman/india

    Hats off to u sister..u really understood what Islam is..and I'm sure u will be a guide to all our muslim sisters. My humble request with you is to make our muslim sisters understand what hijab is..coz they think hijab is just fashion...

  13. Idrys from Nigeria

    What a beautiful piece of article, no wonder, that is why Islam is a religion of peace. Thank you.

  14. Afshan from USA

    Explaining my devotion to Allah has been difficult for me, but you have said what I always believed in a very eloquent way. In my 18 years of wearing the hijab, I was very moved by this devotional article. Thank Allah, you have a gift of writing.


    A great message. A great ambassodor of dignity and honor for all women. Thank you.

  16. maryam from nigeria

    I totally appreciate this article...It is really moves me to see sisters wear there hijab and still feel the hihgest level of confidence about it in these days of the so called modernization and free will...

  17. Zhour from USA

    Mashaa Allah sister, you said it all in a very beatiful and concise langauge. I share all your ideas. jazaki Allah khayr.

  18. Sabrina from Malaysia

    Totally agree. We dress to please Allah most high and that is enough for us.

  19. anjum from U.S

    Jazaak Allahu khairun for sharing this beautiful and inspiring article sis. May Allah(s.w.t) strengthen your iman and immensely reward you for your efforts. Ameen.

  20. Sultana from USA

    Alhamdulillah, this siters has spoken words the way I feel wearing my own hijab. I seek Allah's guidance for all other sisters whom do not wear hiab to do so, and become the ambassadors and feel the beauty of modesty and sweetness of Islam.

  21. Tasneem from USA

    Great article..I am a middle aged women and if I posses half the guts of this writer..I would be grateful. More power to all the women in hijab.

  22. joel Underwood from USA

    If only my Muslim brothers were as brave to wear a prayer cap in public. Hijabi Muslim women face the world as whereas most men want to look western.