Muslim Code of Honor

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  1. Kumail Razvi from USA


    I would like to commend the individuals who participated in the accomplishment of preparing, publicizing and getting commitment from scholars and common-people to read and sign this document. May Allah and Masomeen (a.s.) reward you and bestow the blessings upon you and your family.

    I am assuming this effort is to demonstrate to the non-Muslims that we are peace-loving people. Another possibility of this document is a reminder/refresher for Muslims to be peace-loving and compassionate. I would like to express few suggestions for future improvements:

    1.) The statements in the preamble and code of honor reflects the verses of the Holy Qur'an. Please include the exact verses such that we publicize the exact commandments of Allah.

    2.) The last statement of Muslim Code of Honor ("We agree that steps....") should be reviewed and revised. It is too broad and may cause problems to ourselves. We are dependent upon the scholars, books and other religious figures from abroad.

    3.) The word "Muslim" is a very wide brush these days. If every Muslim's code of conduct is what is mentioned in this document, then how can a reader justify why Muslims are killing Muslims?

    4.) It also very important for all Muslims to expose who is not playing-by-the-rules. There are 73-sects in Islam - how can a non-Muslim American or recent convert understand the different sects, especially which specific sect/group is causing the trouble.

    Thus, it is incumbent upon all, especially who agreed and signed this document should publically voice protest against those who are creating a rift amongst Muslims. Please visit the website for more details.

    Again, good job and lets continue these efforts to show the "right" path to all believer and unbelievers.

    Remember us in your prayers,


  2. Chris from USA

    This document is an attempt to unify the Muslims against everyone else in The World. Muslims believe the world belongs to them, so that invasion, rape, pillage, murder are all permitted, seeing that they call themselves 'Muslim'. All Muslims must die.

  3. Mohammad SHAFIQUE from Canada

    It is indeed the right step to strengthen the Muslim Ummah

    brotherhood in States and it can be considered as an example for

    world Muslim leaders. Muslim leaders of the world please be

    united and march forward for world peace and harmony. Spread

    the message of Allah and teachings of Prophet of Mohammad

    (PBUH) through dawa.

  4. Imam Kasim Kopuz from USA

    Jazakallahou Khayr

    We need more of this type of declaration by those who holds responsible positions withihn the Muslims, especially in America. Beacuse of so many caotic condistions in Muslim world, there have recent rise in fithnah of takfering the others, going diametrically against the pricinciple of Islamic Aqeedah and unity of Ummah. Rather than seeing the foundational significance of common bvelief of "lailaha illallaj Muhammadurrasulullah" some of the Muslims easily fell in the trap of magnifiying the differences, and in fact forcing meaning (ilzami ma-la yalzam) beyond its contextaul (siyaq and sibaq) boundaries easily pronounce takfeer for others as if pronounceing a slogan in group demonstartaions. This is a fithnah, and needs to be addressed. Therefore we need more or this declarations to combat the spread of fithnah and false ideology of takfering the others within Muslim communities. Jazakumullahou Khayral Jaza

  5. Mokaddes from USA

    In response to Imran's comments when he writes:

    What code of honor?

    What are we getting into here?

    The only code of honor we should sign is the Kalima there is No GOD But ALLAH, and Muhammad (PBUH) is his Messenger.

    We are not boy scouts but people of the Ummah of Muhammad the Seal of the prophets.

    And the only two things we need to guide us are The Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

    This is what this document reiterates. It does not say anything other than what is in the Quran and Sunnah. It just spreads the word in more common parlance.

    I am whole heartedly for it.

  6. Karin from USA

    Assalamu Alykum - I am extremely happy the Honor Code was established! I believe a similar agreement was signed in California. Let us pray for Peace, Tolerance and Unity in the Ummah!

  7. Fazlul Miah from USA

    Peace be upon all the believers.

    I am very pleased to learn that our brothers in Michigan has taken such an extra ordinary action in favor of peace, mutual understanding, and cooperation among different groups of the muslim community. History clearly shows us that violence, hatred, fighting among ourselves only brought misery, shame, and suffering for every body. At the end, most groups survives. So it is wise to learn to live together recongnizing that there are differences of opinions which can not be eliminated through violence or fighting.

    I strongly support the Code of Honor, and sincerely hope that every body will abide by it. If we can spread this message to other communities in the USA or abroad, it will be a great service to the Muslim ummah. I hope that other communities will continue this noble work following this example. May Allah guide us all to the right path.

  8. Zubeer Ghanniaiman from Canada


    We cannot expect Allah to change our condition unless we change what in in ourselves.

    May He guide us in this venture.

  9. Imran from USA

    What code of honor?

    What are we getting into here?

    The only code of honor we should sign is the Kalima there is No GOD But ALLAH, and Muhammad (PBUH) is his Messenger.

    We are not boy scouts but people of the Ummah of Muhammad the Seal of the prophets.

    And the only two things we need to guide us are The Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

  10. Khalil Ahmed from India

    This is need of the time. I pray Allah (SWT) that such piety & wisdom be spread in the hearts and minds of all Muslims in the world.

    Muslims have to open their eyes. Who is the beneficiery of their fights within Muslim Ummah.


  11. Zafar Abbas from Canada

    I am thankfull to Almighty Allah that Muslims in America have realized the importance of unity.really this is historical event in the islamic history of America .I pray to my Lord that muslims in other parts of the world should follow our brothers in Michigan and adopt the same approach. May Allah bring peace to all the troubled places in the world particularly in the muslim world and keep us united.ameen

  12. Fakhruddin J.Sharafally from India

    Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatu ALLAHI wa Barkatuhu

    My Heartiest Congratulations to the Signatories of the above document. My prayers to ALLAH (S.W.T) to guide this Ummah on the correct path and may HE increase their tribe. I hope and pray that this bold lead is taken over by Mulims all

    over the world so that we have an Ummah as envisaged by the Holy Quran. Salams