10 Ideas to Prepare for Ramadan

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Ramadan is a very special time of spirituality. It is an excellent opportunity to share and enhance this special month with the following ideas.

  1. Distribute pre-Ramadan kit to your neighbors with dates, dry fruits etc and an introduction to Ramadan and fasting
  2. Make a healthy eating plan for Ramadan
  3. Make a list of your non-Muslim work colleagues and neighbors to invite for iftar
  4. Take your family to different mosques to view the diversity of the Muslim community
  5. Calculate your Zakat and identify individuals and groups you intend to give it to.
  6. Plan on memorizing a few passages or suras of the Quran
  7. Share inspiring stories with your family
  8. Sponsor iftar for five, ten or more people through your local mosque
  9. Offer your services for cleaning the mosques in your neighborhood
  10. Read to your children books on Islamic values and morals and manners

We pray that we all get the best blessings of Ramadan.

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