Muslim Names - Girls

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Muslim Names - Girls


Name Meaning Name Meaning
Abeer Fragrance Ablaa Perfectly formed
Aadab Hope and need Adeela Equal
Afaf Chastity Afraa White
Afrah Happiness Ahlam Witty; one who has pleasent dreams;imaginative
Ahd Pledge; Knowledge Aida Visiting; Returning
Aisha Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prohet Muhammad Aalia Exalted; Highest social standing
Alia Exalted; Highest social standing Almas Diamond
Aamaal Hopes; Aspirations Amal Hope; Aspiration
Amani Wishes; Aspirations Amatullah Female servant of Allah
Ameena Trustworthy; Faithful Ameera Leader; Princess
Anaan Clouds Anbar Perfume; Ambergris
Aneesa Friendly; of good company Anwaar Rays of light
Areebah Witty and smart Areej Pleasent smell
Aroob (Woman) Loving to her husband Arwa Female mountain goat
Asiya One who tends to the weak and heals them Asah Plant known for its greeness
Asalah Purity Aseelah One belonging to a great heritage and family
Asma Daughter of Abu Bakr Aasmaa Excellent; Precious
Ayeh Sign; distinct Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms
Azeeza Esteemed; Precious; Cherished Azza Young female gazelle
Badriya Resembling full moon Baheera Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahiyaa Beautiful; Radiant Balqis The name of the Queen of Sheba
Banan Finger tips Baraa'a Excelling
Baasima Smiling Baseema Smiling
Basheera Bringer of good tidings Basma A smile
Batool Ascetic virgin Bushra Good omen
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body Dhuha Forenoon
Faiza Victorious; Winner Fadheela Virtue
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice Falak Star
Fareeda Unique Fareeha Happy; Joyful
Firyal Name Fatima Name of Prophet Muhammad's daughter (Literally: accustom)
Faatin Captivating Faatina Captivating
Fawziya Successful; Victorious Firdoos Paradise
Ghaada Beautiful Ghaaliya Fragrant
Ghaydaa Young and delicate Ghusoon Branches (tree)
Haadiya Guide to righteousness Hadiya Gift
Hameeda Praiseworthy Hana Happiness
Hanan Mercy Haala Aureole
Haleema Gentle; Patient Haneefa True believer
Haniya Pleased; Happy Hasna Beautiful
Hayaam Deliriously in love Hayat Life
Haifa Slender; of beautiful body Hessa Destiny
Hind Proper name Huda Right guidance
Huma A bird which lives in a quiet area and whenever it flies to the city it fills the people with joy Hooriya Angel
Husn Beauty Ibtihaaj Joy
Ikraam Honor; Hospitality; Generosity Ilhaam Intuition
Iman Faith; Belief Imtithal (Polite) Obedience
Inaam Act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal Inas Sociability
Inaya Concern; Solicitude Intisaar Triumph
Izdihaar Flourishing; Blossoming Jala Clarity; Elucidation
Jameela Beautiful Janaan Heart or soul
Jumaana Silver pearl Kaamla Perfect
Kameela Most perfect Kareema Generous; Noble
Kawkab Satellite Kawthar River in Paradise
Khadeeja Name of Prophet Muhammad's wife Khalida Immortal
Khawlah Proper name Khairiya Charitable; Good
Khulood Immortality Kouther River in Jennah (paradise)
Kulthoom Daughter of the prohet Mohammed peace be upon him Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamya Dark-lipped Lateefa Gentle; Kind
Leena Tender Lubaaba The innermost essence
Lama Darkness of lips Madeeha Praiseworthy
Maha Gazelle Maisa Walking with proud swinging gait
Majida Glorious Majeeda Glorious
Makaarim Of good and honorable character Malak Angel
Manaar Guiding light (lighthouse) Maraam Aspiration
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus Manaal Attainment; Achievement
Mawiya Old Arabic name May Old Arabic name
Maimoona Auspicious; Blessed Maysaa To walk with a swinging gait
Maysoon Of beautiful face and body Mayyada  To walk with a swinging gait
Mufeeda Useful Muhja Heart's blood; Soul
Muna Wish; Desire Muneera Illuminating; Shedding light
Musheera Giving counsel Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabeela Noble Nada Generosity; Dew
Nadia The begining, first Nadira Rare, Precious
Nadeeda Equal (to another person); Rival Nadwa Council
Nafeesa Precious thing Naila Acquirer; Obtainer
Naeema Living a soft, enjoyable life Najaah Success
Najeeba Of noble birth Najiya Safe
Najat Safety Najwa Confidential talk; Secret conversation
Najla Of wide eyes Najya Victorious
Nashida Student Nashita Energetic and full of life
Nasiha One who gives valuable advice Nasira Victorious, helper
Nawal Gift Nawar Flower
Nazaaha Purity; Righteousness;Honesty Nazeeha Honest
Nazeeya Optimistic and full of hope Nazeera Like; Equal; Matching
Nibaal Arrows Naeema Blessing; Loan
Nesayem Flower Nida Call
Nimaat Blessings; Loans Nudhar Gold
Nuha Intrelligence; Mind Nahla A drink (of water)
Noor Light Nouf Highest point on a mountain
Nusayba Proper name Nuzha Pleasure trip; Excursion spot
Rabab White cloud Rabeea Garden
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied Radhwa Name of mountain in Medina
Raghd Pleasant Raaida Leader
Raja Hope Rana To gaze; Look
Rafa Happiness; Prosperity Rand Tree of good scent
Raniya Gazing Rasha Young gazelle
Rasheeda Wise; Mature Rawdha Garden
Raawiya Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry) Raya Sated with drink
Reem Gazelle Reema  White antelope
Rukan Steady; Confident Ruqaya Name of the Prophet's daughter
Ruwayda Walking gently Saabira Patient
Safa Clarity; Purity; Serenity Safiya Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend
Sahar Dawn Sahla Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
Sakeena God-inspired peace of mind; Tranquility Saaliha Good; Useful
Saleema Safe; Healthy Saalima Safe; Healthy
Salma Peaceful Salwa Quail; Solace
Samaah Generosity Samar Evening conversations
Sameeha Generous Sameera Entertaining companion (woman)
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty Sana Resplendence; Brilliance
Sawda Proper name Sawsan Lily of the valley
Shatha Aromatic Shaadiya Singer
Shareefa Noble Sihaam Arrows
Suha Name of a star Suhayla Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
Suhayma Small arrow Suhair Proper name
Sumaiyaa Proper name Taahira Pure; Chaste
Taroob Merry Thanaa Thankfulness
Tharaa Wealth Thuraya Star
Tamadhur Proper name Wafa Faithfulness
Wafeeqa Successful Wafiya Loyal; Faithful
Wajeeha Eminent; Distinguished Warda Rose
Widad Love; Friendship Wijdan Ecstasy; Sentiment
Wisaal Communion in love Yasmeen Jasmine
Yasirah Lenient Yafiah High
Yakootah Emerald Yamha Dove
Yumn Good fortune; Success Yusraa Proper name
Zaafira Victorious; Successful Zahira Shining; Luminous
Zahraa White Zahrah Flower; Beauty; Star
Zakiyaa Pure Zainab Name of Prophet's daughter
Zaina Beautiful


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