Day 11 | Pearls from the Quran: Intoxicants: Commanding The Good and Forbidding The Evil

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Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi delivers a reminder about Verses 163 & 164 from Surah Al-A’raf. In these Ayahs, we read a story about a group of people who were committing sins while another group tried to advise them. And ask them about the town that was by the sea - when they transgressed in [the matter of] the sabbath - when their fish came to them openly on their sabbath day, and the day they had no sabbath they did not come to them. Thus did We give them trial because they were defiantly disobedient. And when a community among them said, "Why do you advise [or warn] a people whom Allah is [about] to destroy or to punish with a severe punishment?" they [the advisors] said, "To be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they may fear Him." {7: 163-164} (Published on Jun 7, 2017).

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