Science in Quran: E05 - Water (I)

In these two lectures, we use verse 21:30 (which states that all living things are made out of water) as our springboard for once again highlighting the theme that we study science to better appreciate the verses of the Quran, and not in an attempt to “validate” it on scientific grounds.  We use one aspect of the physics of water – its thermal properties – to show why water is uniquely and ideally suited to be the matrix of life.  We touch on why NASA’s search for extraterrestrial life focuses on the search for water, because modern science has now come to appreciate that without water, there is no life as we know it.  These lectures also, thus, provide a preview of an upcoming theme, which is that not only have organisms been created fit for their environment, but that the environment has been created to be ideally suited for life.

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